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1/72 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing - CSM Columbia + LM Eagle

1/72 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing - CSM Columbia + LM Eagle

Product #: DML11002

Manufacturer: Dragon
Scale: 1/72
Date Added: 07/29/11
Shipping Weight: 2.1 lbs. (Ships from US Zip Code = 60046)
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Retail Price: $53.95
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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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The second of Dragon’s new 1/72 scale collection of spacecraft kits to be launched onto the market is also a depiction of the famous Apollo 11 craft. This time it shows the Lunar Module (LM), christened Eagle, which landed on the southern Sea of Tranquility on the Moon on July 20, 1969. The accurately detailed LM model can be displayed on a realistic diorama base of the lunar surface. This base even includes details like footprints on the lunar soil! The inclusion of two newly tooled 1/72 astronauts adds to the dramatic scene that can be created instantly straight from the box.

This kit also includes a 1/72 scale model of the CM and it can be displayed on its own display stand. The CM comes with photo-etched metal parts to replicate its antennas.

The kit features:

  • 2 realistic 1/72 scale figures
  • Preformed "Moon Landing" display base
  • Delicate command/service module and lunar module with astonishing detail
  • Authentic ascent stage
  • Egress platform with delicate detail
  • Diminutive reaction control thruster assembled with crisp details
  • Realistic landing radar antenna molded with details
  • Intricate descent stage with realistic engine
  • Intricate docking target and VHF antenna on ascent stage
  • S-band steerable antenna and rendezvous radar antenna can be folded up /down
  • Realistic service propulsion system reproduced
  • Photo-etched service module antennas authentically reproduced
  • Docking Probe Assembly rendered with intricate detail

  • Customer Reviews

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    5 Stars Exactly What You Wanted
    by John from Fairfax, VA on Sep 5, 2011
      Long awaited, a very crisply molded Apollo set in 1/72 scale. The set includes a lunar surface baseplate and a steel pylon for the command module. Accurate, as far as I can tell. The descent stage and legs have the Kapton foil "molded on," to be painted; no foil is included. There are no transparencies; windows are portrayed with decals. The astronaut figures are more accurate to later missions, and don't have cameras on their chests. It would be a challenge to detail the interiors; structural stiffeners inside would have to be removed, and an interior totally scratchbuilt. However, this kit is everything it says it is, and the astronauts can be reworked to be more accurate. A far, dar better model than the woeful Heller kit in this scale. I got no impression from the parts breakout that later LMs--such as those that carried the lunar riover--are planned for future releases, although the main body of the descent stage is supplied as a wholly separate part in its own baggie. So, perhaps. All in all, excellent value for the money. Two complete kits, with a base and figures. How can you go wrong?
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